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You don have to be included in everything and raising the

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Force distribution is a great idea, like socialism, but doesn’t work in real life. People who are undeserving of a promotion statement get one because they have “face time” with leadership, while the people who do the real work suffer in silence. Personally, I think there needs to be more power at lower levels with a system like this.

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Remember when Spear virginity and abstinence was a national conversation at 16? Every day reporters were asking her about sex and if she was waiting till marriage because every single well to do suburbanite parent was ready to lay down righteous holy fury if she was not the perfect example of a good little christian. Then when these girls get some control of their own image and lives they eager to be a replica hermes blanket human being and shed that facade that was pushed on them. Almost like it naturally creates some issues and some overcompensation.

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