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Oklahoma City Thunder: 7-1

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An promising offseason ended using the Thunder appearing as vulnerable as the Conference teams they were assumed to have a border on.
Anthony Morrow sprained his MCL, although kevin Durant’s fractured foot was the blow. An arm rolled, and Jeremy Lamb’s back flared up.
Injuries are a part of each summer and preseason slate, plus they are bad news for everyone. But for OKC, a group in position to take advantage of the Clippers’ minimal improvement and San Antonio decline, maladies’ onrush was.
The Thunder’s window is by no means closed. Healthy, they’re a danger to knock off anyone. And when there are no lingering effects from the current laundry list of injuries (Durant’s in particular), they may even be favorites at the seminar at that time the postseason rolls around.
At precisely the exact same time, playing at less than full strength could hurt Oklahoma City’s playoff positioning. Heading into the dance as a No. 4 seed makes reaching the final round a great deal harder. So Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka and second-year breakout candidate Steven Adams must compensate for their teammates’ production.
OKC belongs on the pedestal, but its own tower is more shaky than expected.

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