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San Antonio Spurs: 7-2

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Someday, the Spurs will probably be too old.
Someday, they’ll succumb to harm.
Now isn’t that day, and Manu Ginobili smirks at you for believing it might be.
Unconcerned with a year-older core and also the fact that the Spurs have never repeated as champs, oddsmakers have bestowed the West’s best odds upon Gregg Popovich and friends. And why not?
San Antonio appeared fresh during the postseason, thanks mostly to a maintenance program that kept each and every Spur under 30 minutes per game throughout the year. When younger, more athletic teams broke , the well-rested Spurs hit their stride.
Expect them to take the identical approach this season, if not an even more conservative one. The regular season isn’t any longer a challenge with this bunch, and they proved last year that they could essentially give games away without damaging their postseason positioning.
Despite holding veterans from back-to-back games all season, the Spurs won a league-high 62 competitions.
If something goes awry, perhaps they’ll slip up and win 57 or 58 this year.
San Antonio is the West’s greatest until proved otherwise.

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